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Credit Cards

Credit Card Conversion

Your New Cash Rewards Card

This is your spot for everything “Credit Card Conversion”.  

First, let’s talk about why 

Reward points. We’re not going to sugar coat it. They can be confusing. To put it simply, your reward points gave you a certain number of points per dollar spent. Where it got confusing was trying to decipher what purchases allowed you to earn points, how many points you earned per purchase and when or how you could redeem them.

Yes, we agree - it was a lot.

On the other hand, with your Cash Back Rewards Card you will see money coming back to you instantly every single month - right into your savings, checking or paid back to your credit card!  

Just to give you some perspective, let’s say you spend $1,000 a month on your Cash Rewards Card. You would then get 1% or $10 back. While it may not seem like a lot, it really can add up throughout the year. That’s $120 dollars at just 1% cash back. That doesn’t even include the special promotions we’ll be doing periodically where we’ll increase your cash back percentage so you can earn even more! 

So, while it can take years to build up points in a rewards program, and even longer to learn how to use them, we wanted to give you a card where you can instantly see money coming back to you every single month you use your new CASH REWARDS CARD. 

Other benefits

We also wanted to provide you with a whole lot more convenience! You’re now going to be able to manage your card and payments right through your It’sMe247 Online banking portal! You’ll be able to: 

What you need to know

Ripco Credit Union

PO Box 278

Rhinelander, WI 54501

Dates to remember

Use the following date flow-chart as a reminder of important dates throughout the conversion. 

Conversion Dates To Remember. Start looking for emails keeping you informed Feb 1. Watch for your new card after Mar 1st. You can activate your card, but it cannot be used until Mar 27th. The last day to accrue reward points is Mar 23rd. Reward program terminates on Mar 26th. The program will no longer be accessible. Last day to use old card is Mar 26th. Your new card can be used Mar 27th. Your conversion is now complete.

Earned points redemption

If you still have earned points that you need to redeem, follow this process to visit the Rewards Mall.

  1. Visit homepage and click on the My Ripco Credit card button or click HERE now. 
  2. Log-in as usual. 
  3. Click on the Rewards Button just above the Quick Links menu.
  4. Click the next Rewards Button just below your available points. 
  5. Click the Submit Button on the redirect screen that comes up.
  6. You will then be redirected to the Rewards Mall and can begin redeeming your earned points.



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