Limits and Endorsement Rules

What are the limits?

A maximum of five (5) checks per day can be deposited through Mobile Deposit, and only one check may be imaged in each mobile deposit. The maximum dollar amount per item (check) is $3000 and the maximum daily limit is $3000. The rolling 30-day limit is $10,000. If you exceed the limit, Mobile Deposit will notify you that the transaction cannot be completed. Acceptance of any check – even if it is within the transaction limitations – is not guaranteed.

What happens if I have a check that exceeds my limit?

These items can be deposited at a Ripco Credit Union branch, or they can be mailed to PO Box 278 Rhinelander WI 54501.

Do I need to endorse my check?

Yes. Before we can process your check for deposit to your account, it needs to be endorsed ON THE FRONT AND ON THE BACK as follows:
On the front of the check, in any open space – using these words:
On the back of the check in the proper endorsement area, using these words:

Ripco Mobile Deposit Only
Payee’s Signature
Date of Deposit

What happens if I forget to endorse the check?

Un-endorsed or improperly endorsed checks will be rejected. After the check is rejected, you can endorse the check and deposit it again through Mobile Deposit.

What do I do with my check after depositing using Mobile Deposit?

Once you have confirmed the deposited funds have been credited to your account, securely store the check for 7-14 days before destroying it. This time buffer is important in the event the original check is required for any reason.

Aside from the dollar limits, are there any checks that will not be accepted through Mobile Deposit?

Yes. Savings bonds, Travelers checks, checks payable to “cash”, two-party checks, any checks from outside of the USA, and any checks that are post-dated or stale-dated (more than six months past the date on the check) are all ineligible for Mobile Deposit.