24/7 Loan Applications!
Now you can talk to a live person about your borrowing needs 24/7! Just call our main phone number – 715-365-4800 (or toll-free 877-365-4800) and your call will be routed to a lending professional who can take your application and start the process any time – at YOUR convenience. You may even get an immediate answer to your loan request! In the event additional information is needed, your lending consultant can tell you what the next steps will be.
Of course – if you prefer you may still apply online at ( or on the Ripco Mobile App. It is our pleasure to serve you!


What if we could hook you up with information and guidance to fill out your loan application whenever and wherever you were? There’s a lot of stress in today’s active, mobile and digital world. At Ripco Credit Union, we’re investing in ways to connect with you and lower your stress – so that you can enjoy life more.
Here’s a scenario: you’ve been putting off saving for that trip to Vegas. Then, you get home from work late Tuesday evening and you’re finally able to round up your friends and agree on a date for the trip. But wait – you’re going to need a vacation loan. Even if it is 7:00pm, 11:00pm, or 3:00am any day of the week – don’t stress about it. Give us a call at 715-365-4800, because we’ll be available to talk with you. We’re always here – always live. We can’t book the flights and the hotel, but we can help you fund the fun!
We LOVE saving you money and we are always here to find new ways you can save more. Consolidating debt is a great way to position yourself to get ahead. It can put real dollars in your pocket every month. And you can use that money to pay for life’s special times and important purchases. If you’re filling out our loan application online ( and aren’t sure about something, just give us a call at 715-365-4800 because we’re here to give you the information and guidance you need, and to get you the loan you want.
We can’t say, ‘Thank You’ often enough. We appreciate your membership, and we continue to add services and tools to save you time and make life more convenient and fun. We look forward to