Student Loans

As you continue your education, it’s very important to establish a workable budget and stick to it. Bad college spending choices can create a in a pattern that’s hard to break and can ultimately lead to serious financial consequences. Resist the temptation of multiple credit card offers, but it is a great idea to have one credit card with a relatively low credit limit to start establishing credit in your own name. Learn more about our Ripco VISA Platinum Rewards card today – Please click here for our credit card Agreement, click here for our Platinum and Platinum Rewards Disclosure, and here for our VISA credit card application.

Student Loans

Tuition is an investment in your future, but the expense can be a real concern. Take advantage of any available scholarships and financial aid, and when you need additional help, consider the Smart Option Loan® by Sallie Mae®.


Ripco Credit Union is committed to improving the financial lives of our members. One way that we show that commitment is to provide scholarships to outstanding high school graduates who plan to continue their education at a two-or-four-year institution of higher learning.

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