Now available – “Temporary Freeze” and Debit Alerts from Ripco Credit Union

Easily Turn your Ripco Debit Cards On/Off

We offer peace of mind in the event your Ripco Mastercard® Debit Card is temporarily misplaced, lost, stolen, or if you suspect exposure to fraud. Simply use your smart phone to log in to your account with the Ripco Credit Union app, click on “More” (the hamburger menu icon) and you’ll see our new “Manage My Cards” option. From here, you can Temporarily Lock your card, view recent transactions, or report your card as Lost or Stolen. You can also register your Debit Card Alert preferences from our website. Just choose E-Services, Alerts, the click where it prompts you to register for Debit Alerts. Choose the button for Register/Manage, and you’ll be asked to enter your full debit card number, expiration date and your zip code. If you’re certain your card is lost or stolen – and not just misplaced – please call our office to order a new card.

Sign up for Account Management e-Alerts

Using the Ripco App on your smartphone – log in, choose “My Accounts” then “Info Center” then eAlert Subscriptions. You can choose to receive text alerts directly to your mobile phone. Choose Account Balance eAlerts, ACH Deposit or Withdrawal eAlerts, and/or eAlerts that let you know when you have a loan payment due.
From our Website, choose Info Center then click on eAlert Subscriptions. You’ll be able to edit or create the same type of alerts described in the preceding paragraph.
We offer a FREE service (for Ripco members with debit cards) that lets you protect your account. When you log in to Debit Alerts, you choose which types of account alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

Whether by text message or email, Debit Alerts help protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information.
With Debit Alerts, you can choose to be notified of debit card activity when:
• Large purchases occur (and you set the amount) on your debit card;
• A purchase is made without your debit card being present;
• A debit card transaction has been declined; and/or
• Purchases are made using your debit card from outside the country.

Click HERE to register for Debit Alerts. You will need to have your Ripco Debit card available to complete your registration. Once you’ve registered, if you need to make any changes, you will use the same URL and the same registration process all over again; there is no username or password involved.
Please Note: The new Debit Alerts are different than, and in addition to the It’s Me 247 eAlerts you may subscribe to when you’re logged in to your online banking account. Debit Alerts are just for activity on your Ripco debit card. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the eAlert options, this would be a great time to consider them; eAlerts are available even without a debit card. Simply log in to your account online, Choose Info Center, then eAlert Subscriptions. There, you can choose to receive alerts about your account balance, ACH deposit or withdrawal activity, or loan payment due reminders – all FREE and you control how you’d like to receive them.

Stay Connected with eAlerts

Staying connected to your finances is easier than ever with eAlerts from Ripco Credit Union! If you use It’s Me 247 online banking, you can sign up to have convenient financial updates sent directly to your e-mail address or mobile device for FREE. eAlerts are a great way to manage your finances on the go – anytime, anywhere.

Simply log on to It’s Me 247, click on “My Messages” and then on eAlert subscriptions. Choose the updates you want to receive from a variety of eAlert options, including:
• Loan payment due dates
• Account balance eAlerts (avoid fees and embarrassment; eAlerts can let you know if your checking account balance is getting low)
• Notice of automated deposits or withdrawals (such as direct deposit of your payroll or the posting of scheduled payments)

All this information and more is at your fingertips with eAlerts! To manage your finances on the go, log in to It’s Me 247 today and sign up for eAlerts.