Online Bill Pay

What is it?

It’s Me 247 Bill Pay allows members with a checking account to quickly and easily pay their bills online. Electronic payments can be set up to major companies and utilities, or a paper check can be sent to a person or company not set up to receive electronic payments, like a landlord or family member.

How do I use it?

If you have a Ripco Credit Union share draft (checking) account in good standing, you’re eligible to enroll! Simply log in to It’s Me 247 and under the “Quick Pay” tab on the left of the Screen, you can click on “Enroll in Bill Pay.” You can also enroll by clicking on the “Pay and Transfer ” tab near the center at the top of your It’s Me 247 starting page, then click “Enroll in Bill Pay”. Within a day or two, you’ll be approved to set up your payees and enjoy the time and cost savings of It’s Me 247 Bill Pay.

You’ll set up your payees in the “Pay & Transfer” area of It’s Me 247 by clicking on “Add a company or person to pay.” Depending on how may payees you have, you may wish to just add payees as you pay individual bills, or you may choose to put them all in at once. In either case, please enter the information carefully to ensure accurate payment processing. When you schedule payments, they will be deducted from your Ripco account on the day the electronic payment occurs or the check is scheduled to be presented.

Please noteWhen scheduling a payment, you will pick the day that you want your payment to be processed. You will notice that we will display the estimated delivery date for your convenience. If your payment is due by 08/12/16, you would need to login before your due date and schedule your payment. You will pick the day that you want your payment to be processed. You will notice that we will display the estimated delivery date for your convenience. For an electronic payment due on 8/12/16, you should send the payment on or before 8/11; in the case of a check payment due 8/12/16, you should send that payment no later than 8/3/16 (seven business days). The system provides an “estimated” payment date, but unless your payment is going to a company that is set up on the system to receive electronic/ACH payments, we have no control over the exact date your paper check will clear your account.

*There will be no charge for initial enrollment and for the first 10 bills paid/checks issued via It’s Me 247 Bill Pay in any month. Thereafter, there will be a fee of $.50 per item for any bills paid/checks issued via Bill Pay in excess of 10 in any statement period (calendar month). The $3.95 monthly fee for Bill Pay will be waived when the account is enrolled in e-Statements. A $4.95 inactivity fee is assessed only if you are enrolled in Bill Pay and make no Bill Payments in a calendar month. If you do not use your Bill Pay service for 60 days, your enrollment may be cancelled due to inactivity.

P2P – Person to Person Payments

With P2P you can electronically send money to any individual located in the United States. You’ll be asked to specify how you wish to send the payment – either with a secure text message or email communication, and you will be guided through the steps necessary to complete the transfer. At this time, Ripco does not charge a fee for this type of transaction. P2P transfers are only available to members who are enrolled in Ripco’s E Bill Pay service.