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Take Control of Your Financial Future

A term share certificate from Ripco can help make your dreams a reality.

When you open a term share certificate — similar to a certificate of deposit or CD — you deposit your money for a set period of time (usually between 3 months and 4 years) with a minimum amount as low as $500.00.

Term share certificates generally earn higher interest/dividends than regular savings accounts. Get more for your hard-earned money!

Savings Calculator

Certificate Rates

Comparison table of Certificate Rates.
Product Min. Balance Int. Rate APY*
3-Month Share Certificate $500 1.100% 1.100%
6-Month Share Certificate $500 1.500% 1.510%
12-Month Share Certificate $500 2.250% 2.270%
24-Month Share Certificate $500 2.700% 2.730%
36-Month Share Certificate $500 2.750% 2.780%
48-Month Share Certificate $500 2.800% 2.830%
12-Month Educational Certificate $500 2.350% 2.370%
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