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REMINDER: Reward Visa Card holders must redeem their earned points before March 26th, 2023 (Sunday) when the Reward Program terminates. Your old Rewards card will also no longer be valid after March 26th. Visit our Credit Card Conversion page for complete details HERE. 


Overdraft Protection

A Small Price for Peace of Mind

Anyone can make a mistake. If a check, debit card purchase, automatic payment, ATM withdrawal or some other transaction brings your checking account to a negative balance, the result is an overdraft. The good news is Ripco Credit Union offers overdraft protection to ensure the money goes where it is supposed to go.

Both business checking accounts and personal checking accounts are eligible for overdraft services (except for the Fresh Start Checking Account and HSAs).

Avoid overdraft fees as well as bounced-check fees from merchants by using these overdraft protection services:

Transfer from Savings

We will transfer funds from your savings account to cover charges that would bring your checking account negative.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit (Kwik Cash)

We will transfer funds from your line of credit (Kwik Cash) to cover charges that would bring your checking account negative.  To access this option, complete a loan application and meet the corresponding criteria.

Courtesy Pay

Qualified members can withdraw more than their account balance, up to a pre-approved limit, for a short period of time to cover unexpected emergencies. Ripco will pay the merchant for checks you’ve written, debit card transactions, and pre-authorized withdrawals that would result in a negative balance for your account.

To set up overdraft protection on a new or existing account, contact Member Service. You can also opt in for Courtesy Pay for your debit card via online banking.

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